How did project started?

Well, when I was studying at Como, one night I was starving. It was my first year in Italy, since I couldn’t speak Italian, I started to search the web. The result was a huge dissappointment… That day I started thinking about the project, did some experiments, develop also web programming skills. After sleepless nights, the portal was up and the test period started.

What is

It is an Italian web portal that enables its users to order food directly from their computers without any extra cost. The order arrives to the restaurant/pizzeria automatically. It is active since January 2008 with is continuously growing user community and number of restaurants. You can visit the web site from here

What about this blog?

I was thinking about it for a very long time, but finally today I could start writing down some stuff. Well, while developing – thanks to many bloggers and portals -, I used hundreds of blogs. So from now on, I will refer to those that were useful and try to share some of the difficulties that I faced, hoping it could save some hours.  – by the way, it will be a written reference for me, so I can look here to read –

So I will mainly write about the technical and managerial challenges that I face as a programmer and as an entrepreneur…



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